Current Litter

Fallon and Blue Boy--first nursing

Fallon-Conor Litter 3, whelped 8/26/2016

Previous Litters

Fallon and pups on Day 1

Fallon-Conor Litter 2, whelped 11/5/2015

Ellie and pups on day 1

Ellie-Wuki Litter, whelped 10/18/15

Clodagh-Conor Litter 2 on first day

Clodagh-Conor Litter 2, whelped 3/1/15

FallonConorConor Litter first morning

Fallon-Conor Litter, whelped 5/16/14

Clodagh-Conor Litter first morning

Clodagh-Conor Litter, whelped 11/29/13

Fallon and pups on first day

Fallon-Brodie Litter, whelped 3/21/13

Tegan and her pups on their first morning

Tegan-Eon Litter, whelped 6/7/12

Clodagh-Geordie Litter #2 on the first morning

Clodagh-Geordie Litter 2, whelped 2/1/12

Family at one day old

Fallon-Ty Litter, whelped 3/31/11

Clodagh and pups on the first morning

Clodagh-Geordie Litter, whelped 11/4/10

Teagn and her litter on the first morning

Tegan-Geordie Litter, whelped 7/7/10

Tegan and the litter on first day

Tegan-Conor Litter 2, whelped 4/13/09

Clodagh and her litter on day 1

Clodagh-Finnigan Litter, whelped 4/26/08

Tegan and her litter on day 1

Tegan-Conor Litter 1, whelped 1/25/08

Tegan and her litter on day 1

Tegan-Pirate Litter, whelped 5/14/07