Tegan and Geordie Puppies

Our 2010 litter is from our beautiful CH Advantage Highland Tegan CGC ("Tegan") by CH Sporting Field's Come What May ("Geordie"), owned by our friend Kasie McGee. This is Tegan's fourth litter, and Georgie's third. All pups will have a "rough" (meaning long) coat.

The Sire "Geordie"

The Dam "Tegan"

Geordie on the beach, 2009
Tegan's "glamour shot"
Geordie's championship photo
A Best of Breed photo of young Tegan
CH Sporting Field's Come What May
 CH Advantage Highland Tegan CGC

Tegan (born 7/3/04) is an AKC Champion and Best of Breed winner. She is an exceptionally loving girl, and thinks everyone who enters our home has come in just to be kissed by her! She loves being a mom (perhaps mostly because of all the great things she gets to eat--yogurt, pudding from "scratch," cottage cheese, etc.--once the pups are born). Her hips are rated OFA-Good; she passed her eye test (CERF) every year, including this spring.

Geordie (born 1/21/06) is a happy boy, as you can see in the photo below. He has also completed his AKC Championship, won two Best of Breed honors, and has majors toward his Grand Championship. His hips are OFA-Good, and he is CEA normal.

Geordie on the beach, 2009

Geordie at the beach

Geordie in the show ring,

Geordie in the show ring--the day he won his first Best of Breed! (6/6/10)

We had hoped for some "color" in this litter, and we got two black and white males, one red (or chocolate) and white male, and one red and white female. We couldn't be more pleased.

See the puppies on their individual pages:

Blue Boy
Red Boy
Orange Boy
Pink Girl

All the pups have been sold, but we are taking reservation for our next litter, later in 2010.



The family on first day\

The family on their first morning
Tegan and the pups at one week
Family at one week

The family at two weeks

Family at 2 weeks

Tegan and the pups at 3 weeks

Family at 3 weeks

The pups at 6 weeks

Pups at 6 weeks


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