Tegan-Conor Litter 2

Born April 13, 2009

This is the second litter from our beautiful CH Advantage Highland Tegan ("Tegan") and our CH Taklimakan Conor of Clannad ("Conor"). It is Tegan's third litter, and Conor's second.

All the pups have permanent homes.

Three-generation pedigree for this litter (Champions in red)

(Previous Clannad Litters)

Conor (the sire)

Tegan (the dam)

Conor's Championship photo

Tegan BOB win

One of Tegan's Best of Breed win photos

This litter had 4 black-and-white boys and 1 black-and-white girl. Instead of giving the pups names, we identified them by the color of ribbon they'd worn since birth. Click on the links below to see photos of each individual:


Blue Boy

Green Boy

Red Boy


Watch the Family Grow:

before birth

Tegan just before the birth of the first puppy

First family photo

Here's the proud mama with her babies shortly after whelping.
Family at 1 week
Family at 1 week
Family at 2 weeks
Family at 2 weeks
Family at 3 weeks
Family at 3 weeks
Barrel of Pups at 3 weeks
Pups at 4 weeks
Good morning!
Good morning, Mommy! Pups at almost 6 weeks
In the "Border Collie Express" at 7 weeks
Last morning all together (8 weeks)