Candids of the Tegan-Geordie Litter

Here are more of our favorite photos. (Scroll down for earlier photos)

Orange with Steve and Jennie
Orange with
Orange with
Dan and Pink after her first bath
Pink with her
Orange with
Blue with Dan
Red gives his
Red with his
Blue and Orange playing tug Pups on last morning together Blue after his first bath
By the pool
Orange and Pink at the pool
In the empty pool
Orange chews on the sprinkler Blue with a stick Orange likes shoelaces
Orange with a stick
Red's sweet face
Pink is a silly girl!
Playing in the water bowl Pink's sweet face A quick snack at 7 weeks
Orange Boy with a frisbee The chocolate pups with a frisbee Blue Boy with a frisbee
Pink and Red with Dan
Blue asking for trouble? Pink chews the rope
Bluew chews on lawn chair
Blue gives Brynn a kiss
Pink Girl on the grass
Red and Blue wrestling Red and Blue wrestling
Pink bounces when she runs!
Pink chews on a lawn tool
Orange chews on a rope
Red cuddles with Brynn
Blue laughing
Pink on the kitchen floor
Red doesn't mind when Pink sits on him
Pink in the barrel
Blue Boy and Red Boy
Blue with his sire's
Orange Boy
Orange in a towel
In the barrel, 6 weeks
Blue laughing?
Pink is a wiggle worm
Blue licking
Blue Boy looks out the whelping box
Pink snoozes by the water bowl
Orange Boy with Mary
Neva with the 2 chocolate pups Orange and Red wrestling Pile of Pups, 5 weeks old
Orangw Boy 5 weeks old 3 in the exercise pen Red Boy with Kris
Pink Girl at the fence
Blue Boy at the fence 4 in a row!
Tegan and Blue Boy with Connor
Orange gets a cuddle from Debbie
Connor and Red play with keys
Good morning! (5 weeks)
Pups with Connor in the pen
Blue Boy with Connor
Orange in the tunnel with Debbie
Blue Boy in the tunnel
Blue Boy in the tunnel
Pink in the tunnel
Red Boy in the tunnel
Red Boy in the tunnel
Orange Boy 5 weeks
Orange Boy 5 weeks yawning Pink in the tunnel
Pink Girl with Leah
Pups with Rosie
Orange Boy with Rosie
Red gives Gregg a kiss Blue climbs on Val Eating on the grass
Orange Boy with Danny
Red Boy with Val
Red and Blue with Val and Gregg
Blue and Red playing Blue and Red snoozing Orange Boy with his block toy
Pink in profile
Blue learning bad habits Red's gorgeous face
Alexsis with 3 pups Orange Boy Orange with Alexsis
Orange and Blue Pink with her mom Let us out!
Red in the sunshine
Orange playing in the water
Pink sound asleep!
Blye and Red with Kathryn Four in the x-pen Red and Blue dine al fresco
Orange and Red with Viv
Blue with Mary
Pink Girl with Viv
Blue does a little yawn
Pink Girl at 3 weeks
Orange Boy has a lovely profile
Red's handsome profile
Orange Boy has a big yawn
Pink snoozing
Claire holls both chocolate pups
Blue Boy with Kim
Orange Boy with Claire
pups at 18 days Red Boy and Blue Boy at 20 days
Orange Boy cuddles with Kim
Red and Pink with Alex and Jack
Pink with Wendy
Red and Pink with Alex and Jack
Orange Boy has a big mouth!
Orange gives Randy a kiss
Orange Boy with Randy
Blue in Connor's lap
Red is perfectly content
Blue Boy snoozing
Pink Girl snoozes on Connor
orange boy
Orange and Red with Debbie
Funny sleep positions!
red in Debbie's lap
Red has just opened his eyes
Orange Boy sleeping on the rail Red Boy sleeping on the rail
Tegan guarding her pups
1 week--they arranged themselves this way! Puppy Pinwheel - 6 days old
Orange Boy 1 week
Tegan snoozes on the rails Red on his mom's leg Pink sleeping in mom's arms
Orange's first cuddle Red on his mom's tail Three sweet pups


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