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Puppy Videos

Tegan/Eon Litter (born 6/7/12)

Clodagh/Geordie Litter #2 (born 2/1/12)

Clodagh/Geordie Litter (born 11/4/10)

Tegan/Geordie Litter (born 7/7/10)

Tegan/Conor Litter (born 4/13/09)

Clodagh/Finnegan Litter (born 4/26/08)

Tegan/Conor Litter (born 1/25/08)

Tegan/Pirate Litter (born 5/14/07)

Noisy Sleeping Puppies Nine Days Old (37 sec.) Puppy Bowl 2/5/12 (Super Bowl Sunday) Nursing at 15 Days (2:00) Red Boy Nursing 1 day old! Puppies First Play at 14 days

Noisy Green Boy held by friend Claire

Puppies First Meal on 2/12 (3:36)

First Steps Video
First Gruel (16 days old)(2:13) First Gruel 2/19/12 (18 days) (2:30) First Gruel (19 days) (7:55) Puppies Play - 17 Days (28 sec.) Puppies' First Gruel at 19 days (2:54)

First Meal of Gruel

Puppies Play with Sarah

Puppies' first meal
Pink Girl first swim (37 sec.)

Pool Party 3/25/12 (7.5 weeks) (4:35)

A Taste of Freedom Puppy style (First Time Outside at 29 days) (:52) Puppies First Meal of Gruel (17 days old) (5:44) First Gruel, Part 2 (2:11) Puppy Play at 3.5 weeks

Puppies on the Grass

Fun with the Sprinklers
Green Girl first swim (37 sec.)   Tunnel Play (5 weeks) (3:41) Ryder (Blue Boy) plays with a door stop First Gruel, Part 3 (1:36) Play Pen Time   Play Pen Time (pups at 7 weeks)
Red Girl first swim (39 sec.)       Blue Boy Swims (17 sec.) Purple Boy and the Purple Crock Shoe
Orange Boy first swim (40 sec.)     Pink Girl Swims (20 sec.) Sprinkler Time Again!
Indoor Play 4 weeks (1:14)     Puppies Attack! (49 sec.)
Grass time (32 sec.)     Puppy Play: 5-way Tug (44 sec.) Blue Girl Swims
Black Boy Swims


Arrie in Alaska

Leashing Himself

Snappy Dog


At the Terry-All Kennel Club show on April 11, 2009

Haggis (shown by his "mom" Amy)
Gus (shown by Dan)

Young Clannad Dogs at the conformation match, 1/18/2009

All 3 Pups

Videos from California Beaches, December 2008

Conor and Fallon at Huntington Beach #1 Conor and Fallon at Huntington Beach #2
Nava and her favorite toy Conor and Fallon Play Chase

Miscellaneous Videos

Conor's First Herding Experience (3/19/09)
Aoife's First Herding Experience (3/19/09)
Torin's Second Herding Experience (3/19/09)
Fallon's First Herding Experience 7/10/08

Kobe Playing in Cherry Creek

Toby Swims (8/09)

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