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Torin's puppy page

Torin twice won Best of Breed! He and his family now live in Missouri. We miss them all!

Torin at 5 years

Torin at 5 years

Beautiful Torin

Torin at 3 years

Torin at 3 years

Torin's Championship smile

This is the smile of a champion!

Torin and Karen on his championaship day 8/21/11

Torin is a Champion! 8/21/11

Torin in the show ring at 25 months

Torin cools off after a herding trial (a qualifying run!)

Torin at 12 months

Torin and mom Karen

Torin's first herding experience, 8 months

Torin (laying down) and littermate Aoife at 4 months

Torin is a patriot!

Sleepy Torin

Sleepy boy