Clannad Goes to the Shows

(2013 Dog Show Results)

9/21-9/22 Arapahoe Kennel Club, Aurora, Colorado
Saturday Judge: Mrs. Marjorie A. Tuff
Sunday Judge: Dr. Albert P. Bianchi

Saturday was a wonderful day for Clannad! Wuki got his first 2 points, taking Best of Winners! Then Ellie took Best of Opposite Sex! We are so proud of these two young dogs!

Sunday was an instant replay of Saturday's results. Wuki now has 4 points.

Wuki BOW Ellie BOS
Wuki Best of Winners
Ellie Best of Opposite Sex
Wuki 9/21/13 Ellie 9/21/13
Wuki and his Saturday ribbons
Ellie and her Saturday ribbons

9/7-9/8 Evergreen Kennel Club, Greeley, Colorado
Saturday Judge: Ms. Joanne (Jan) M. Paulk
Sunday Judge: Dr. Klaus Anselm

Wuki is making progress! He took the Reserve both days at this show. Ellie also did well on Sunday, taking Winners Bitch. Although no points, we were very proud of how she and her mom, Juli, are progressing in the ring.

Ellie and her ribbons from Evergreen Show

7/6 Santa Maria Kennel Club, Ventura, CA
Judge: Mrs. Anita Cuneo

Wrigley finished her Grand Championship! Our first Clannad Grand Champion!! She also took Best of Opposite Sex. To say we are very proud of her and her "mom" and exhibitor, Glenda, is an understatement. Whoo Hoo!

Wrigley the Grand Champion

GCH Clannad's Fashionably Late ("Wrigley")


(2012 Dog Show Results)

9/8-9/9 Evergreen Kennel Club, Greeley, Colorado
Saturday Judge: Mr. James G. Reynolds
Sunday Judge: Mr. Lawrence C. Terricone

Saturday's show was OK for Riley, she picked up the Reserve. Wuki, though, got his first Winners Dog, but there were no points (although he got a pretty purple ribbon). Then afterwards he had a blast playing again with his littermate Annabelle, and Maverick ther Aussie.

Sunday was wonderful! The very kind and helpful Judge Terricone awarded Riley Winners Bitch for another 3-point Major! She needed two points for her Championship, so now she is CH Clannad's Valiant Daughter. All her wins were Majors. We were so happy! And then we got sad because Neva will not be showing Riley anymore. Well, on to the next girl, who will be Ellie.

Riley the Champ

Riley the Champion

8/18-8/19 Greeley Kennel Club, Greeley, Colorado
Saturday Judge: Mr. Carl Gene Liepmann
Sunday Judge: Mrs. Danelle M. Brown

Saturday was Wuki's debut in the show ring, and he did well, winning his class. More importantly, he had a good time! Wuki's "dad" Dan M. was not able to be present, but his precious Liz was there to celebrate his debut. Riley had a wonderful day! She won her Bred By Exhibitor class, then won Winners Bitch to take the points, another 4 point major win. Even better, she then went on to win Best of Winners! We are so proud of her! She now has 13 points and 3 majors.

Riley's BOW

Riley, Best of Winners 8/18/12

Sunday was a disappointment for Riley, as she only won the Reserve. But on to the next show! Wuki again won his class. He had several family members present to cheer him on, and then he got a chance to play with his littermate, Annabelle, and her "brother" Maverick the Australian Shepherd (they live in Greeley). All-in-all it was a fine day.

6/9-6/10 Colorado Springs Kennel Club, Colorado Springs, Colorado
Saturday Judge: Mr. Joe Lobb
Sunday Judge: Dr. Klaus Anselm

Saturday Rocky and Riley both took home the Reserve ribbons.

On Sunday Rocky again took the Reserve. Riley had a very good day--Winner's Bitch and then Best of Winners for 2 points. She now has 9 points toward her championship.

Riley and Neva after the Colorado Springs win Rileys ribbons from the Colorado Springs show
Proud winners
Riley shows off her ribbons


6/2-6/3 Flatirons Kennel Club, Longmont, Colorado
Saturday Judge: Mr. William (Bill) P. Shelton
Sunday Judge: Ms. F. Susan Godek

Saturday was a great day! Riley took Winners Bitch for a 4-point major, and Rocky took Winners Dog for 2 points. Then Rocky took Best of Winners, so he got a total of 4 points as well, to finish his Championship! We were thrilled for both our bred-by dogs, and their co-owners, Tina and Lance, and Toni. Dan and Neva love standing next to each other during the Best of Breed competition, knowing one of us is definitely going to win Best of Winners. We were particularly pleased for Rocky to be given his Championship by the very thorough and pleasant Judge Shelton.

Sunday Rocky took home the Reserve, and Riley got a second in class.

Rocky the Champion!

Rocky on his Championship Day Riley's Flatirons Major
Rocky's Major Win
Riley's Major Win

4/14-4/15 Terry-All Kennel Club, Brighton, Colorado
Saturday Judge: Mrs. Alice Inman
Sunday Judge: Ms. Joyce A. Vanek

A great day for Rocky on Saturday--he collected another major win for 3 points, then went on to take Best of Winners! Rocky now has 12 points and both his required majors. Riley took first in her Bred-By Exhibitor class, but did not take Winner's Bitch.

On Sunday Rocky took the Reserve, and Riley' again won her class.

2/17-2/20 Rocky Mountain Cluster, Denver, Colorado
Plum Creek Kennel Club and Colorado Kennel Club
Friday Judge: Mr. Charles E. Trotter
Saturday Judge: Mrs. Helen Lee James
Sunday Judge: Mrs. Patricia Hastings
Monday Judge: Mrs. Betty Jo Patrick

This is the biggest show we attend, with a very competitive entry. Rocky and Riley collected an assortment of blue and red ribbons on the first three days, then on Monday they had a fabulous day! Rocky took Winners Dog, and Riley took Winners Bitch, so Dan and I were next to each other in the final competition. Then Rocky beat Riley to take Best of Winners. This was a major win for each of these young dogs, and we were proud to have them both win from the Bred By Exhibitor classes. Rocky now has 8 points and one major win, and Riley has three points and one major win.

Rocky's firsr major winRiley's first major win

Rocky's major win
Riley's major win


(2011 Dog Show Results)


11/12-11/13 Southern Colorado Kennel Club, Pueblo, CO
Saturday Judge: Mr. Garry K. Newton
Sunday Judge: Mrs. Dorothy N. Collier

Rocky took the Reserve ribbons both days this weekend. Riley came in third in her class on Saturday, and fourth on Sunday.

11/5/11 San Gabriel Valley Kennel Club, City of Industry, CA
Saturday Judge: Mrs. Carolyn Herbel

Wrigley finished her championship today! She took a 4-point major, and Best of Opposite Sex. She is now CH Clannad's Fashionably Late. Congratualtions to Wrigley, and her handler and mom, Glenda!

10/22-10/23 Rapid City Kennel Club (SD)
Saturday Judge: Col. Joe B. Purkhiser
Sunday Judge: Mrs. Alice Inman

A whole group of us made the 7-hour drive to Rapid City--Riley with her mom Toni, Aunt Lisa, her Border Collie "sister" Skyler and "cousin" chihuahua mix Holmes; Rocky with his half-sister Mollie and mom and dad Tina and Lance; and Auntie Mommy Neva and Uncle Daddy Dan with Conor and Clodagh along for the ride. All of us had a great weekend at the dog show, then visitng Mount Rushmore National Memorial, Crazy Horse, and the beautiful Custer State Park and it's wonderful Wildlife Loop. It was a busy weekend, and a lot of fun.

Oh, yes, about the Show--Rocky had a great weekend, taking Best of Winners each day, and accruing 2 more points. He now has a total of 5 points toward his Championship.

This was Riley's very first show, and Saturday she spooked as she went in the ring, ending up with a red (second-place) ribbon in her Bred-By Exhibitor class, but she was awarded the Reserve Winners Bitch ribbon. On Sunday, though, she settled down and made her handler, Auntie Mommy Neva, very proud with a win in her class, then going on to take the Reserve again. It was a very respectable first showing for this adorable, exhuberant little girl.

9/24-9/25 Arapahoe Kennel Club, Aurora, CO
Saturday Judge: Mrs. Dorothy K. Christiansen
Sunday Judge: Mrs. Melanie D. Williams

Rocky did well this weekend, with the same results each day: he won his class, then took the Reserve Winners Dog ribbon. No points, but Rocky is handling beautifully in the ring, and we are proud of him.

9/10-9/11 Evergreen Kennel Club, Greeley, CO
Saturday Judge: Ms. Gloria Kerr
Sunday Judge: Mrs. Barbara Ann Brooks

Rocky took the Reserve ribbons both days this weekend.

Also in Greeley, Torin completed the first two legs of HSAs (Herding Started course A on sheep) title. Congratulations, Karen and Torin!

9/3-9/4 Cheyenne Kennel Club, Cheyenne, WY
Saturday Judge: Mrs. Marjorie A. Tuff
Sunday Judge: Ms. Linda L. Robey

On Saturday Rocky took Best of Winners and another point. He now has 3 points toward his title! Sunday, Rocky won Winners Dog, but there were no points. Still, he showed well, and had a good time, and that matters to us the most.

Rocky's ribbons from Cheyenne

Rocky's ribbons from the Cheyenne Show

8/27-8/28 International All Breed Canine Association - Denver Summer Sieger
Longmont, CO
Judges: Mrs. Jane Roppolo
Mrs. Jean Pero
Dr. Joe Hug
Mrs. Robin Hug

Rocky completed his International Puppy Championship!

This was our first experience with an International (IABCA) dog show. It is quite different from the AKC, as in the IABCA dogs compete againt their breed standard rather than against each other. Rocky did fabulously, earning the highest possible rating from each of the four judges.

Rocky and medals Dan and Rocky celebrate
Rocky sports some of his medals
Dan and Rocky celebrate!

8/20-8/21 Greeley Kennel Club, Greeley, Colorado
Saturday Judge: Ms. Nancy Shaffer Smith
Sunday Judge: Mrs. Christina Hubbell

On Saturday, Rocky took Winners Dog to earn his second point, and Brodie took the Reserve as well as winning his class.

But the big news for Clannad was on Sunday--Torin took Winners Dog for the final two points needed to earn his championship! Then he went on to earn the coveted blue and white ribbon for Best of Winners, turning this final win into yet another Major win! Congrats, Torin and his mom and handler, Karen. We are so proud to add Torin to the list of Clannad champions!!

Torin t he Champ with mom Karen

Torin the Champion with his mom Karen

Also on Sunday, Rocky and Brodie each won their classes.

One of the highlights of this show for us was seeing three of Clodagh's boys in the ring together--Torin, Rocky and Brodie.

Clodagh's Boys in ring Clodagh's Boys stacked
Clodagh's Boys in the Ring - Rocky, Brodie (top) and Torin (bottom)
Clodagh's Boys stacked for the judge - Torin, Rocky and Brodie

8/14 Colorado Kennel Club FUN MATCH, Brighton, Colorado

We don't usually post results of a Fun Match, but this one was something special. Riley, 4.5 months, made her debut in the ring, handled by Dan. She had never even had on a show collar, yet she did wonderfully. She was named Best of Breed Puppy (for the border collies), then in the Puppy Group she got a Group 4 placement! We were so proud of her, and her mom, Toni, cannot wait to frame her ribbon and Group 4 rosette. The judge said she moved beautifully, keeping her top line, and thought Dan had worked with her a lot. Riley hasn't even been to a single conformation class! Most importantly, she had FUN. We are very excited for Riley to begin her show career later this autumn. We expect her to be a tribute to her dam, Fallon, and her sire, Ty.

Riley and her rosette

Riley's first rosette!

7/9 Santa Maria Kennel Club, Ventura, CA
Saturday Judge: Mrs. Lydia Coleman Hutchinson
7/10 Ventura County Dog Fanciers Association, Ventura, CA
Sunday Judge: Mr. Fred C. Bassett

On Saturday, Wrigley took first in her class, and on Sunday she took the Reserve (out of nine girls in the ring). Great job, Wrigley! Wrigley now has 11 points and one major toward her Championship!

7/2-7/3 Buckhorn Valley Kennel Club, Loveland, CO
Saturday Judge: Mrs. Janet Turnage Nahikian
Sunday Judge: Mrs. Sheila Polk

This was a wonderful weekend for the Clannad boys. On Saturday, Rocky took the Reserve, and on Sunday he took Winners Dog and Best of Winners for his first point. On Saturday, Brodie won his class, and then on Sunday he took the Reserve. Sunday was especially nice for the boys as they won over a mature male, and the boys are only 8 months old!

7/2 Kennel Club of Beverly Hills
Judge: Mr. John T. Connolly

What a great day for Wrigley! She won her class, took Winners Bitch, then Best of Winners, and finally her second Best of Breed! We are so proud of this girl! She now has a total of 9 points, and one major.

6/11-6/12 Colorado Springs Kennel Club
Saturday Judge: Mrs. Michele L. Billings
Sunday Judge: Mrs. Jacqueline L. Stacy

Rocky was entered and won his class both days, but did not advance. It was a good weekend, though, because he learned a lot in the ring, and we are seeing him develop more show savvy. He and Dan are starting to work together as a team, which is so important.

6/5 Kennel Club of Pasadena
Judge: Ms. Beverly Capstick

Another good show for Wrigley: She won her class, Winner's Bitch, Best of Winners, and then Best of Opposite Sex!

6/4-6/5 Flatirons Kennel Club, Longmont, CO
Saturday Judge: Mrs. Lesley E Hiltz
Sunday Judge: Ms. Neena L Van Camp

This was trhe debut show for two of Clodagh's boys: Rocky (handled by Dan) and Brodie (exhibited by his mom, Leslie). On Saturday both the 7-month-old boys won their classes! What a nice way to begin their show careers. Torin (Clodagh's son from her previous litter) was also in attendance, shown by his mom, Karen.

Sunday saw Rocky and Brodie again winning their classes, and Torin picked up Reserve Winners Dog. This was a nice weekend.

Rocky and Dan Brodie and Leslie Torin and Karen
Rocky and Dan
Brodie and Leslie
Torin and Karen

5/28 Hangtown Kennel Club (Placerville, CA)
Judge: Dr. Lee Anthony Reasin

Wrigley won her class this day.

5/1 Lake Matthews Kennel Club
Judge: Mrs. Lowell K. (Arlene) Davis

Wrigley added another Best of Opposite Sex to her list of accomplishments! Yay, Rigs!

(2010 Dog Show Results)

10/3 Burbank Kennel Club, Van Nuys, CA
Sunday Judge: Dr. Robert D. Smith

Wrigley (Clannad's Fashionably Late) was only entered on Sunday, but that was all it took for her to win her first major, and then she took Best of Breed over Specials! We are so proud of Wrigley and her "mom" and handler, Glenda.

9/26 Arapahoe Kennel Club, Aurora, CO - Inaugural Show
Sunday Judge: Mrs. Andre B. Schoen

Torin and mom Karen after his BOB win

Under a blazing sun and a clear blue sky, Torin (Clannad's Rowdy Mt Thunder Chief PT) won Best of Breed at the very first Arapahoe Kennel Club show! He was also named Best of Winners. He was handled by his "mom," Karen, and cheered on by Aunit Mommy and Uncle Daddy. Torin now needs only two more points to finish his Championship. On Saturday, Torin finished his STDs, which means Started Trial Dog (sheep), a title conferred by the Australian Shepherd Club of America. (Yes, border collies and other breeds can compete in ASCA herding trials.) What a weekend for this beautiful boy!

We were also proud of beautiful Serene, who won her class, and was named Winners Bitch. Serene is exhibited by her "mom," Susan.

7/3-7/4 Buckhorn Valley Kennel Club, Loveland, CO
Saturday Judge: D J Francis
Sunday Judge: V T Grosso

What a great day Saturday was for Clannad dogs! Torin took his first Best of Breed, also winning a 3-point major (for 10 points total). Then his litter sister Splash took Best of Opposite Sex, picking up an additional point (for a total of 8 points). It's so nice to have the winning dogs both come from the Clannad kennel. Congrats to both, and to Torin's "Mom" and handler Karen, and Splash's "Da" and handler Tom.

Karen with Torin, Tom with Splash Haggis in Amy's Arms

Karen and Torin, Tom and Splash
Haggis in Amy's Arms
The Winners from Clannad

Sunday was another good day for Splash as she again took Best of Opposite Sex and point #9. Torin showed beautifully, but ended up only with the Reserve. Haggis got the Select points for another major.

6/12-6/13 Colorado Springs Kennel Club
Saturday Judge: Mr James G Reynolds

Serene was the only Clannad dog entered in this show, and she competed only on Saturday, but she did terrific, and picked up the Winners Bitch ribbon--yay, Serene! She now has 4 points toward her championship.

6/12-6/13 Flagstaff Kennel Club
Saturday Judge: Col. Harold R Brizee
Sunday Judge: Mrs Tomas (Alane L) Gomez

Torin picked up a point on Saturday, and another win on Sunday (although there were no points to be had as 4 of the dogs entered did not make it to the ring on time). He now has accrued 7 points and one major win. In herding, he has two qualifying scores toward his PT title. (Note: Torin's sire. Finnigan, picked up the Best of Breed each day.)

6/6 - 6/6 Flatirons Kennel Club, Longmont, CO
Saturday Judge: Mrs Kimberly Anne Meredith-Cavanna.
Sunday Judge: Mrs Hildegard S Morgan

On Saturday, Splash was was selected as Winners Bitch and Best of Opposite Sex (she now has 7 points). Torin (who has mostly been doing herding trials this year) picked up the Reserve ribbon. And Haggis, the first Clannad dog to begin pursuing the new Grand Championship title, picked up the Select points, with a major win.

On Sunday, Torin again took the Reserve ribbon, and Haggis repeated his triumph as SEL for another major win! Haggis now has 2 of the 3 required majors for this advanced title of Grand Champion, and 9 of the required 25 points.

Torin has primarily been training for herding, but still doing wonderful in the show ring. He picked up 2 Reserve ribbons, over a field of 7 dogs. Great job!

Mission Circuit

Fri. 5/28 San Gabriel Valley Kennel Club
Judge: Mrs. Cathy H. Daugherty

Sat. 5/29 Los Encinos Kennel Club
Judge: Prof. Douglas C. Taylor

Sun. 5/30 Antelope Valley Kennel Club
Judge: Mr. Robert Stein

Mon. 5/31 San Fernando Kennel Club
Judge: Ms. Beverly Capstick

Wrigley has started her show career in southen California (a VERY competitive place to show a dog). The four days/four shows of the Mission Circuit were great experience for her (and her handler/mom Glenda, who is also new to the breed ring). On Friday she won her class and was selected as Best of Opposite Sex; on both Saturday and Sunday she picked up the Reserve Winners Bitch ribbons; and then on Monday (Memorial Day) she picked up her first point, and also was selected again as Best of Opposite Sex. Great job, Glenda and Wrigley!

Wrigley with Glenda and Judge  Beverly Capstick Wrigley in the Show Ring

Wrigley's First Point Photo Wrigley in the Show Ring


(2009 Dog Show Results)

11/7 Southern Colorado Kennel Club
Judge: Fred C. Bassett

On Saturday Splash took Winner's Bitch for one point, so she is now up to 6 points. Good girl, Splash! And good handling, Tom!

This is the end of the show season for the Colorado area, so we will be back in February for the Rocky Mountain Cluster here in Denver.

8/29 and 8/39 Cheyenne Kennel Club, Cheyenne WY
Saturday Judge: Ms. Linda L Robey
Sunday Judge: Mrs. Christina Hubbell

This weekend the Clannad dogs did their breeders proud! The results were the same each day: Haggis won Best of Breed, Splash took Best of Opposite Sex, and Torin took Best of Winners. Congratulations to Amy, Tom and Karen on their handling skills and beautiful dogs!

7/11 and 7/12 Roaring Fork Kennel Club, Eagle, Colorado
Saturday Judge: Mrs. Pat Hastings
Sunday Judge: Miss Virginia L. Lyne

Saturday was another great day for Haggis. Still showing in the Open Dog class, he took Winners Dog and Best of Winners, handled by Amy. Splash took Winners Bitch for another point, handled by Tom. And Serene took the Reserve Winners Bitch, handled by Dan.

Serene was the Winners Bitch on Sunday, earning another point (she was exhibited by Dan). Splash took the Reserve this day. In his first time out as a Special (in the Best of Breed competition) Haggis did well, but did not score a win.

Serene's Win at Eagle

Serene's Win Photo

Amy is proud of her new T-shirt (thank you, Kasie!):

Amy's new t-shirt

"Buy me a Guinness, I've finished my Haggis!"

6/27 and 6/28 Buckhorn Valley Kennel Club, Loveland, Colorado
Saturday Judge: Mrs. Glenda L. Henson
Sunday Judge: Mrs. Carolyn A. Herbel

Haggis was the star this weekend! He needed one point to finish his championship, and on Saturday he earned that, and more. He went Winners Dog, then also took Best of Winners over the girls to earn a total of four points for his third major, and his completed championship.

As great as Saturday was for Haggis, Sunday was even better. He again took Winners Dog, then went on to take Best of Breed/Best of Winners over Specials, earning another major. Then in the Herding Group ring, he earned a Group 4! We are so proud! His mom and handler, Amy, did a wonderful job with her first border collie champion.

Haggis' Best of Breed Haggis in the Group Ring Haggis Group 4!
Haggis' Best of Breed photo
In the Group Ring
Haggis' Group 4 Placement photo


Dan is trying his hand at showing Serene, and she is really coming along in the ring. On Saturday she took a second, and on Sunday she took a first. She is learning to focus through all the distractions of a dog show, and we are expecting her to keep improving.

5/30 and 5/31 Flatirons Kennel Club, Longmont, Colorado
Saturday Judge: Mr. Eric J. Ringle
Sunday Judge: Mrs. Marion D. Macpherson

This was Splash's show! She took Winners Bitch each day, earning her first championship point on Saturday and another on Sunday. We are so proud of how she is maturing, and her "parents" and handlers, Tom and Amy, are doing great with her, too.

4/12 Terry-All Kennel Club, Brighton, Colorado
Judge: Ms. Linda L. Robey

So much for our run of luck--this was not such a great day for the Clannad dogs. Haggis and Splash did both win their classes, but Aoife did nothing right. Perhaps the problem was that "Mommy" (Neva) wasn't there--I stayed home with Tegan who was in the early stages of labor.

The highlight of the day was that Dan handled Gus to Best of Winners for another 3-point major, and he also took Best of Opposite Sex! (Unfortunately, this well-deserved win was later revoked, as Gus was one day too old for the class he was entered in. Rats!)

4/11 Terry-All Kennel Club, Brighton, Colorado
Judge: Mrs. Maralyn K. Busse

Aoife finished her Championship today! We are so proud of her! She finished in four shows and only three weekends of showing. Today she won Bred-By, Winners Bitch and Best of Winners. Although there was only 1 point for the girls, since she beat the boys she picked up their 3 points, which is another major. Her total is 16 points, with 4 major wins. Since all her points were earned from the Bred-By class, she will receive an invitation to the Eukanuba National Championship.

Aoife Championship Photo Aoife Championship Photo - sitting

Aoife's Championship Photos - Yes, she is quite wet from the rain!

Haggis also had a great day today! Amy showed him to Winners Dog for a 3-point major, then Best of Opposite. He now needs one point to finish his championship, and he is not yet 2 years old. Splash, handled by her "Da" Tom, won her class.

Dan showed Gus to the Reserve. (See our Videos page for short videos of each dog at today's show.)

2/16 Rocky Mountain Cluster, Denver, Colorado
Colorado Kennel Club
Judge: Ms. Leslie A. Earl

We're seeing a pattern here: Just as Saturday was a repeat of Friday, so was today a repeat of Sunday. Aoife won her class and Reserve Winners Bitch; Torin, Haggis and Serene won their classes and Splash took a second.

Dan exhibited Gus again, today winning another major for 3 additional points! Gus has 7 points and both his majors, so he is halfway done. Wow!

2/15 Rocky Mountain Cluster, Denver, Colorado
Colorado Kennel Club
Judge: Mrs. Melanie D. Williams

Aoife had mixed success today. She again won her class, but only the Reserve Winners Bitch, so no points. However, she also won another Bred Bred By Exhibitor competition for the border collies, so has one more green ribbon for her collection. Serene won her class, and Haggis won his, and also the Reserve Winners Dog. Splash took a second (she looks lovely in red ribbons!). Torin also won his class.

Dan was asked to exhibit the young dog our friend Kasie bred, Gus. Despite the lack of time for the two to work together, Dan handled him to his first win, a 4-point major! Kasie and Gus' owners were thrilled! Dan enjoyed the challenge of a new dog to work with, and looks forward to exhibiting Gus in the future.

2/14 Rocky Mountain Cluster, Denver, Colorado
Plum Creek Kennel Club
Judge: Col. Joe B. Purkhiser

We were doing what we love--what could be better for Valentine's Day? Today was pretty much a repeat of yesterday. Aoife again won her class, Winners Bitch and Best of Winners, this time for a 5-point major! (She is the first of our dogs ever to win a 5 point major.) She also won the Best Bred By Exhibitor competition for the border collies. Serene took the Reserve Winners Bitch again, and Torin the Reserve Dog. Pirate took another 5-point major. Haggis and Splash showed well and made us proud too. (The judge loved Splash, and gave Amy some special pointers about handling her, even though Splash did not get the win.)

Aoife now has 13 points!

Dan and Aoife

Aoife with her proud "dad" Dan

2/13 Rocky Mountain Cluster, Denver, Colorado
Plum Creek Kennel Club
Judge: Mrs. Betty Jo Patrick

Friday the 13th was lucky for the dogs of Clannad! We had a wonderful start to our showing year! First Torin (handled by his "mom" Karen) picked up the Reserve to Winners Dog, then Aoife (handled by Dan), won her class (Best Bred By Exhibitor bitches), Winners Bitch, and Best of Winners for a 4-point major. She now has 8 points and both her required majors in her first two shows. Serene (exhibited by her "mom" Susan) picked up the Reserve, and we were delighted. These three young Clannad dogs had a terrific day! Also doing well were Haggis and Splash, each of whom added a first place ribbon to the collection of their "parents" and handlers, Amy and Tom.

One other joy of the day was the major win for Pirate, sire of our first litter, that completed his championship. Yay for the dad of Fallon and Haggis!

(2008 Dog Show Results)

12/14 AKC/Eukanuba National Championship (Invitational), Long Beach, CA
Judge: Mr. Brian Meyer

It was quite a thrill that our Fallon (CH Clannad's Dynasty Daughter) was invited to this prestigious show. This is the first time we've had a chance to compete at this level, so we decided to go, even though we knew Fallon was not ready to compete against much more mature dogs. We had a blast!

The judge was kind to Fallon, and examined her thoroughly and watched her carefully as she moved around the ring. That's really all we were asking for. Dan learned a lot about handling (he was most likely the only non-professional handler in the group) and we got a chance to visit with friends.

Fallon is qualified for this show for next year, and we will make a decision later about returning.

11/8 - 11/9 Southern Colorado Kennel Club, Pueblo, CO
Saturday Judge: Mr. Thomas J. Feneis
Sunday Judge: Mrs. Terry M. DePietro

It turned out to be a wonderful weekend for the dogs of Clannad. In previous years, the Southern Colorado Kennel Club show has had a very small border collie entry, but this year there were enough dogs to create majors for both boys and girls. On Saturday Aoife picked up the Reserve, in her very first day of showing. We were very pleased! Serene won her class both days, beating her “little sister” Splash each time. (They aren’t really sisters, but both are Clannad girls.) Torin also won his class, and so did Haggis. Fallon apparently did not like the 8 a.m. ring time; she did not handle well at all and did not place (at least that's our excuse).

Sunday was even better. We were thrilled that Torin won Winners Dog for a 4-point major, then Aoife won Winners Bitch and Best of Winners, thereby picking up her first major and 4 points. Yippee! (Aoife also snagged a purple Winners ribbon for her Bred By win--no green ribbons at this show.) Haggis picked up the Reserve. Then Fallon won Best of Opposite Sex…hooray! According to mom Amy, Haggis ended 2008 with 1 Best of Breed, 2 Best of Opposites, 6 Winners Dogs, 1 Best of Winners, 7 Reserves, and 20 class wins. What a year!

Our 13-year-old nephew, David, made his debut in Jr. Showmanship. He has been practicing with Clodagh, but she could not compete as she is in heat. David showed Fallon on Sunday, and they both did just fine. We look forward to watching David handling Clannad dogs in future shows.

9/6 - 9/7 Evergreen Kennel Club, Greeley, CO
Saturday Judge: Mr. Fred C. Bassett
Sunday Judge: Dr. Robert M. Brown

The summer showing season ended well for the dogs of Clannad. We brought Fallon out of her temporary "retirement" to compete as a Special, and she was special indeed, winning Best of Breed each day. She handled very well in the Herding Group ring, although she did not achieve a placement either day. The experience was very valuable for her and Dan, especially if we decide to attend the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship in December.

On Saturday, Conor won Winners Dog, Best of Winners, and Best of Opposite Sex for two points, and Haggis took the Reserve. Serene (Conor's daughter) won Winners Bitch and her first point!

Sunday the tables turned, and Haggis won Winners Dog, Best of Winners, and Best of Opposite Sex, earning him two more points! He now has 11 points total.

This is the end of Conor's career as a "class" dog--we will have to decide if we want to show him in the Best of Breed competition in the future. He finishes with a total of 25 points from 9 different judges, and 6 majors from 6 judges.

Our next show will be in Pueblo in November. We plan to show Fallon in the Best of Breed competition, and we hope Aoife, Splash and Torin all make their show "debuts."

Dan and Conor Fallon at Evergreen Show

Dan and Conor

Judge Brown, Dan, and Fallon

8/30 - 8/31 Cheyenne Kennel Club, Cheyenne, WY
Saturday Judge: Ms. Beverly Capstick
Sunday Judge: Mrs. Barbara Dempsey Alderman

Once more the Clannad clan was happy about this show. On Saturday Conor again took a major, and then he beat our friend Finnigan (sire of Clodagh's recent litter) for Best of Breed! We were shocked, as Finnigan is such a beauty and moves with such grace. Conor went on into the Herding Group competition, where he moved well, but did not place.

Haggis also had a good day Saturday, picking up the Reserve, but then on Sunday he had a GREAT day with his first Best of Breed win! Yay, Haggis! He and Amy had their first time in the Group ring, which was terrific experience (even when another handler "accidentally" dropped treats in Haggis' path to distract him). Haggis did not place, but he moved well and had fun, which is the most important thing of all. Below is a photo of Amy and Haggis, showing off their Best of Breed purple and gold ribbon.

Haggis with mom Amy, Cheyenne KC Show

Haggis with his "mom" Amy

8/16 - 8/17 Greeley Kennel Club, Greeley, Colorado
Saturday Judge: Mrs. Kimberly Anne Meredith-Cavanna
Sunday Judge: Dr. Dale D. Simmons

This was Conor's weekend! Saturday he finished his championship by being awarded Best of Winners and his fourth major win by the very-thorough hands-on judge, Mrs. Meredith-Cavanna. We were so thrilled!

Conor's Championship photo

Conor's Championship Photo

It was a terribly long day. It had been pouring rain for over 24 hours, and the 1.5 hour drive to Greeley was miserable. When we arrived for our 10 a.m. ring time, we were told our outside ring had been moved indoors due to lightning, but we would not show until 2:15. So, back home we went to care for the other dogs, then turned around and drove back to Greeley. Dan and Conor did not get into the ring until 4:30, but it was worth the long wait. Conor did just great--the conformation classes and Dan's hard work paid off. We had professional studio photographs of him made to celebrate his championship.

Other Clannad dogs did well too. Haggis won a Reserve, so we were very proud of him. This was the first show for Conor's little daughter, Serene, and she won her class. More importantly, she really seemed to have fun in the ring.

Sunday was a much finer day weather-wise, so we showed at the scheduled time outside on the still-wet grass. We decided not to move Conor up to Best of Breed competition because we did not want to reduce the number of points for the other dogs competing. Conor did not need to do anything at all, so of course he again won the major (#5!) and also won Best of Opposite Sex! Conor moved just beautifully, and Dr. Simmons really prizes movement. Conor even did a perfect "free stack," which he has never done before. What a great way to go! Haggis again took the Reserve. And Serene again won her class. Perhaps rain is lucky for the dogs of Clannad!

7/12 - 7/13 Roaring Fork Kennel Club, Eagle, Colorado
Saturday Judge: Dr. Harry Smith Jr.
Sunday Judge: Dr. Lee Anthony Reasin

This was Conor weekend to pick up Reserves both days, so no points. We were pleased, however, that Haggis took Winners Dog on Sunday for two points, bringing his total to 8.

Entries closed for this show before the Buckhorn Valley show, so since we had already entered Fallon as a class bitch we went ahead and showed her there, even though she needs no more points to finish her championship. We figured more time in the ring is not a bad thing! She did well, and picked up Best of Winners both days, for four additional points (career total of 19).

6/28 - 6/29/2008 Buckhorn Valley Kennel Club, Loveland, Colorado
Saturday Judge: Dr. Klaus Anselm
Sunday Judge: Mrs. Monica Canestrini

We are pleased to announce our first Bred-By Champion! Clannad's Dynasty Daughter ("Fallon")(Omegan's Fire the Cannons RN X CH Advantage Highland Tegan) finished on 6/29 at the Buckhorn Valley Kennel Club in Loveland, CO, by going BOW. (While waiting for photos, I mentioned to the judged that Fallon had won all her majors by beating the males. Mrs. Canestrini said, "Well, she can hold her own." What a nice compliment!) Fallon finishes with 3 majors, and 15 points. She began her show career in February, and celebrated her first birthday May 14.

Fallon Champion photo with Dan

The new champion and her proud Dad!

Fallon with Judge Canestrini and proud daddy!

Judge Canestrini, Dan, and Fallon

Also under Judge Canestrini, Fallon's litter mate, Haggis (Clannad Going to Tri Haggis) picked up two more points for a total of 6, and our dog Conor (Taklimakan Conor of Clannad) was awarded two points by Judge Anselm, for a total of 13. This means that "our" dogs earned all the points available at this weekend's show. We are on Cloud 9!

6/7 - 6/8/2008 Colorado Springs Kennel Club, Colorado Springs, Colorado
Saturday Judge: Mr. James E. Noe
Sunday Judge: Mrs. Mildred K. Bryant

What can we say about Saturday's show? We exhibited to Judge Noe three years ago, and he didn't like our dogs then, and didn't like our (totally different) dogs now. We will avoid showing to him in the future.

On Sunday, Fallon picked up another point under Judge Bryant.

6/1/2008 Flatirons Kennel Club, Longmont, Colorado
Judge: Mrs. Sheila J. Polk

With the judge's reputation for evaluating movement, we were not sure we would do anything at all. We were thrilled when Fallon took Winners Bitch again, then also took Best of Winners, earning her 3 points and her third Major. She now has 12 points toward the 15 required for her championship. And, "She is lovely," said the judge. :^)

Conor did not fare as well today, but did win his class. However, we were so pleased and excited when Fallon and Haggis' sire, Pirate, took the win for a 3-point Major and Best of Opposite Sex. You should have heard the hollers from all of Pirate's fans and Megan's friends. Congrats to Pirate on a well-deserved win!

All in all, we have to say that this weekend brought is everything we had hoped for!

(We did not wait to have any professional photos taken this weekend, as we were in a hurry each day to get home to the puppies.)

5/31/2008 Flatirons Kennel Club, Longmont, Colorado
Judge: Mrs. Fay Dorval Haupt

The weekend started nicely, with Fallon winning her class (Bred By Exhibitor, now that she is 1 year old), and going on to win Winners Bitch, which earned her an additional point. Then Conor really knocked our socks off by winning Winners Dog, Best of Winners, and Best of Opposite Sex. This brought Conor three more points and his third Major. We were pleased with the results, but honestly did not think he deserved the win as he was such a knucklehead in the ring. He now has a total of 11 points.

4/13/2008 Terry-All Kennel Club, Brighton, Colorado

The weekend just kept getting better--and not only weather-wise. Judged by Mrs. Margaret Sheppard, Conor again won his class, and went on to take Winners Dog and Best of Opposite Sex! This is Conor's required second major. Haggis was Reserve. And little Fallon was again Winners Bitch and Best of Winners for another major. Conor and Fallon now both have 8 points, and their majors are completed.

We are especially that pleased that Fallon took back-to-back majors this weekend, first because she won both majors by beating the boys (that always feels good!) and also because in May the border collie point schedule changes and it will be even more difficult to get enough females entering each show to make majors.

What a fabulous weekend it was for the Clannad crew!

4/12/2008 Terry-All Kennel Club, Brighton, Colorado

What a wonderful day! Two Clannad pups did terrifically in the ring under Mr. Randall K. Sheets (who is a true gentleman). Clannad's Going to Tri Haggis ("Haggis") picked up his first major, winning 3 points. And his litter mate, Clannad's Dynasty Daughter ("Fallon") achieved her first major also, winning Best of Winners and a 3-point major. Fallon now has 5 points. Haggis and Fallon are 11 months old, out of Pirate (Omegan's Fire the Cannons) and our CH Advantage Highland Tegan ("Tegan). Conor also did well, winning a Reserve.

Judge Skeets with Haggis and Amy Judge Skeets with Fallon and Dan

Haggis' 1st Major!

Fallon's 1st Major!

2/21/08 Rocky Mountain Cluster, Denver, Colorado

These are our "home" shows, and they are generally the biggest shows we attend all year. They have been lucky shows for us, as both Tegan and Clodagh finished their championships here. Well, this year's shows were pretty special for us too. Conor (Taklimakan Conor of Clannad) picked up his first major win for 4 points (judged by the very thorough Mrs. Betty Jo Patrick)! We were absolutely stunned! We had almost given up hope for this boy. It's just a lesson that no matter what, you have to keep believing in your dog. He now has 5 points toward his championship title.

Then in a second stunner, our baby Fallon (Clannad's Dynasty Daughter) picked up her first win for 2 points (judged by Mrs. Wendy G. Willhauch)! She is just 9 months old, and this was her very first show. Her littermate, Haggis (Clannad's Going to Tri Haggis) won his first blue ribbon, so Amy and Tom were also ecstatic. We are so proud of the pups from the first litter we have bred.