Puppy Reunion

The puppies from our first litter celebrated their first birthday on May 14, so on May 18, 2008, we invited them and their families for a birthday party that turned into a reunion for as many Clannad puppies as could come.

Presiding over the festivities were Tegan and Pirate, parents of the first litter:

Their pups (the birthday kids):


Pups from our Second Litter were also invited. Tegan is the mom for this litter, Conor is the dad.

Conor, another proud dad
Grady (who loves the pool)
And Clodagh, mom of our third litter, which is now 3 weeks old (The pups were safely confined to the "nursery" in the living room):

Group Photos:

Dan with Tegan and her daughter Fallon (Conor in backdround)

Tristin, Kelsey, Conor, Lance, Scott, Kate hugging Toby, Tegan, Dan, and Fallon

Dan with Tegan and Fallon, Amy with Saba (the only non-border collie invited) and Haggis, and Megan with Pirate

Almost everyone. Clodagh is streaking through the foreground.

Frank (Sam's dad), Sam (holding Grady) and Justin

Grady's family shares a kiss and cuddle

Candids and Action Shots:

Kate and Haggis
Kelsey with Fallon
Steve plays Frisbee with Pirate (foreground) and his son Haggis
Clockwise: Tegan, Pirate, Clodagh and Piper
Is Haggis getting fresh with Clodagh?
Doree helps out at poolside
Kelsey wants to steal Fallon (Pirate on the left)
Lance plays ball with the boys
Grady in the pool as Haggis and Toby watch
Toby is a sweetheart
Pirate laughing
Toby checks out the water
Fallon shows her double-tracking gait
Mama Tegan in the bushes
Seven border collies
Kate with her canine pals
Megan has the attention of Pirate, Piper, and Clodagh
Doree, Nikki, Lance, Scott, and dogs
Grady loves the pool, and Haggis loves Grady
Grady digs away at the water
Now that's refreshing!
Kelsey gives her Pirate some attention
Kate plays Frisbee with Pirate and Conor
Tom, Tristin and Renita
Piper takes a dip
Piper and his mom Tristin
Piper is all about the ball
Clodagh has a pretty face
Kate and Lance enjoy their burgers
Isn't Toby a beautiful boy?
Pirate and his Megan
Piper is gorgeous!
Tristin and her mom Renita
Pirate is his usual handsome self
Piper with Tegan, his mom, in the foreground
Clodagh takes a breather

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