Piper Boy

5/14/07 - 6/7/13

Piper collage


Piper was the first pup born in our very first litter ("Blue Boy"). He went to a wonderful first home, but when his mom became debilitated, he found his "forever home" with Jared and Jena. At just over six years, he died in a tragic accident, but he left many joyous memories behind him.

"Piper, a 6 year old Border Collie, was not just our pet but he was our best friend and our son whom we loved more with each passing day. He had charisma, a crazy personality, and the best loyalty I have ever seen. He was very lovey and loved to cuddle. There were many times, when we would sleep, where he would paw us in the face like 'Hey, come on, I have to go potty.' He became very embarrassed when you would catch him chase his tail or rip up his blue Frisbee.

"Not only was he a lover but he was a talker too! His favorite place in the world was the park and anytime we were about to go we would get him all riled up. 'Hey, buddy, you wanna go to the park, where do you wanna go?' He would bark or moan or even whine. It always made us laugh. His ball was his best friend, he didn’t care what ball it was or where you were as long as you had one he loved you. It didn’t matter if we had just come back from the park, 30 minutes later there he was with another one.

"Everyone we knew was very attached to Piper and his wonderful doggy ways. He was loved by many people and nothing will ever take his place. We have made a shrine on our bookshelf just for him. He left us in the worst way possible and we never got the chance to give him a proper goodbye. It's very heart wrenching but we will get through it and show Piper just how much we loved him by doing things like this. The things we will miss most about Piper is his way to keep us company, to sleep next to when the other isn’t there, to confide in and love you unconditionally. We love you, Mr. Pipes! We hope you are having a blast up in puppy heaven! Mommy and Daddy miss you very much."

Play on, Piper!


Piper snoozing with Mom Piper in "shades"
Piper up close
Piper face
Piper down
Piper and Dad play tennis
Piper Play Bow Piper and ball
Piper with Mom
Piper all wet
Piper sleeping on his back
Piper and Dad