Kyler is the lovely blue and white dog we brought into our home as a puppy just after Levi died.We had a lot of fun with him, as these photos attest. However, as we brought more dogs into our home and began breeding, it became apparent that Kyler needed a home with less competition, so we found him a home with the perfect family in Spokane, WA. He remains in our hearts.

Kyler with Blazen

Kyler and Colby

First swim

Happy boy, 2 years old

Kyler and his favorite things--frisbees
Still playing tug with Colby

Clodagh, Kyler and little Haggis

What a knucklehead! (Our favorite Kyler photo ever)

Kyler with his family in Spokane, Christmas 2007

Camping trip, 2008

Kyler on his 5th birthday, June 15, 2008


Christmas 2008
Kyler (R) being adored by Maia
Kyler (R) being adored by Maia

Kyler in the peonies

Kyler 9 years old
Kyler and Nathan

Kyler, Christmas 2014

Kyler, Christmas 2014

Kyler 10 years

Kyler 10 years

Kyler on his 12th birthday

Kyler on his 12th birthday, at his favorite beach

Kyler on 1-10-16

Kyler at 12

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