Litter by Am Ch Wildblue Rowdy Mt Stormy Bear HSAs  [Am]
out of Am Ch Terbo Clodagh Of Clannad [Am]

Three Generation Pedigree

Shoreland Rowdy Mt Hug-A-Bear [Am]
Black & White, born 19 Dec 2002
Am Ch Wildblue Rowdy Mt Stormy Bear HSAs  [Am]
Black & White, born 14 Sep 2004
Am Ch Korella Blue Thunder [Aust]
Blue & White, born 17 Jan 1997, hips OFA-Good
Wildblue Wings Of The Storm [Am]
Black & White, born 23 May 2000, hips OFA-Good
Am Ch Korella Royal Charm [Aust]
Black & White, born 21 Mar 1997, hips AVA-0/3
Puppy from this litter
Am Ch Brackenhill Royal Tartan HSAs [Am]
Black & White, born 20 Nov 1998, hips OFA-Excellent, CEA normal, CL normal
Am CH Majestic Hot Topic CDX RE HSAs HSBs HXAs [Am]
Black & White, born 22 May 2001, hips OFA-Good, CL normal, TNS normal
Am Ch Majestic Prophecy Of Grandeur [Am]
Black & White, born 8 May 1997, hips OFA-Good, CEA normal, CL normal
Am Ch Terbo Clodagh Of Clannad [Am]
Black & White, born 15 Nov 2005
Terbo Theres No Place Like Home [Am]
born 2 Apr 1998, CEA carrier, CL normal
CH Terbo Hi Speed Chase CD OA OAJ [Am]
Black & White, born 27 Oct 2002, CEA normal, TNS carrier
Ch Haydonam Little Chloe [Am]
Black & White, born 26 Mar 1996, CEA normal, CL normal, TNS carrier

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