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Ellie's Puppy Page

Ellie Ellie pregnant
Ellie awaiting her pups

Love those bones

Love those bones!

Ellie out her car windoe

What a pretty face!

Ellie stacked

Ellie at 23 months

Ellie Christmas 2013

Christmas, 2013 (17 months)


Ellie, Best of Opposite Sex win, September, 2013 (15 months)

Ellie 7 months

Ellie at 7 months

Ellie and puppy class ribbons

Ellie graduates from Puppy Kindergarten (6 months)

Ellie's first Christmas portrait (5 months)


Ellie helps herself to toys while visiting Clannad


Ellie makes a funny face

Ellie with Ron Horn

Ellie with her favorite trainer, Ron

Ellie saying "Please"

Ellie from week 8 to week 19