3/24/96 - 11/6/07

Memories of Colby

Hiding under the front seat of my car when we first brought him home

Barking at 3 things: Anything, everything, and nothing

Little soccer balls

Big burp to say thank you

Running the fence and barking at the Goldens

The time he caught and killed a squirrel

Checking his p-mail

Barking at buffalo

Loving to eat the cores of romaine lettuce


My sweet companion

Raising his leg automatically when you pet him—even when he was asleep—so you could scratch his tummy

Hating profanity and when we raised our voices

As a puppy, chewed up an ink pen on the carpet

Telling time – always knew when it was supper time

Going for rides

Riding in the front seat, then hopping into the back without being asked when Dan came back to the car

“My little Colby-butt”

Loving Blazen, greeting her when she came into a room

Being loved by all the younger dogs – “Colby, you’re such a stud”

Little kitty-cat kisses

We thought he was a cat reincarnated


Loping around the yard to find “Where’s the Frisbee?”

“Bring it closer”

Carrying the Frisbee with Kyler

Cooling off in the pool – dipping his chest in the water

His theme song: “Momma pet me, Momma love me, Momma do what I like best; Momma pet me, Momma love me, Momma scratch me on the chest”

Pawing at my hand to get me to scratch his chest


Sleeping where he kept touch with one of us

Faking out Levi by barking at nothing, then taking his toy or chewy

His half-bark when asked to “Speak”

“Get ‘im” and he would go chew out Kyler

Puppy-wrangler extraordinaire

Growling at the younger dogs as they kissed up to him

Long pees are “Colby pees”

Carrots were a treat

Didn’t like “tickle-toes”

Learned “head down” from watching Levi

Lying at the top of the stairs and keeping an eye on the household

“Ready for bed?” always got a reaction

Really cold trip home from North Platte, NE with Kyler in the truck

“There’s nothing cuter than a border collie puppy”

Keeping me company while I worked in my office

Loving to drink the shower water

“The bestest dog ever”