CH Terbo Clodagh of Clannad CGC

Our special girl, 3 years old

Clodagh is our beautiful female, Champion and best of breed winner. Her father is the amazing V ChX Int Ch Majestic Hot Topic CDX RE HXAs HSBs STDs AOM. ("Little Man") and her mother (of whom Clodagh is practically a clone) is CH Terbo Hi Speed Chase ("Chase").

Clodagh's sire, Little Man
Clodagh's dam, Chase

Clodagh's Pedigree

Clodagh is an amazing dam. She produced five litters, and each time she had seven beautiful, healthy, loving puppies! We are proud of her, and proud of her outstanding progeny. She is now enjoying a well-deserved retirement, but she still watches over other puppies as they come along to different moms at Clannad.

Clodagh-Finnegan Litter Clodagh-Geordie Litter Clodagh-Geordie Litter 2 Clodagh-Conor Litter Clodagh-Conor Litter 2


Clodagh at 7 months (waiting for a Frisbee)

Clodagh BOB 7-06

Clodagh shows off her prizes from Best of Breed, July 2006

Clodagh at 9 weeks

Clodagh at 9 weeks

That face!

Clodagh at 3 months

Clodagh's first bath

favorite toy

With a favorite toy

Best puppy ribbon

Clodagh's first ribbon - "Best Puppy" in her Puppy Kindergarten class

Happy at 17 months

Happy girl, 17 months old
Clodagh in a casual pose

Still happy, 3 years old

Clodagh on the chair

Clodagh at 5 years

Clodagh 6.5

Clodagh at 6.5 years

Clodagh October 2013

Clodagh (pregnant) October 2013

Clodagh with Puppy Toy

Clodagh at 8.5 years

Clodagh on her 10th birthday Clodagh on her 10th birthday

Clodagh on her 10th Birthday

Clodagh loves snow!

Clodagh loves snow! December 2015

Clodagh in June, 2016