Clannads Galore!


For some people, one Clannad dog just isn't enough! Here are photos from families who have more than one Clannad "pup."


The Austin Family, Elizabeth, Colorado - Travis and Charlie

Travis and Charlie Charlie and Travis on the patio Travis and Charlie
Travis and Charlie on the couch


The Colip Family, Greenwood Village, Colorado - Callie and Andy

Callie and Andy meeting
Callie and Andy (5 months)


The Foster Family, Highlands Ranch, Colorado - Jersey and Kona



The Jochimsen Family - Centennial, Colorado - Ellie and her son Corrigan

Mom Ellie and son Corrigan Corrigan (11 weeks) and mom Ellie
Ellie and Corrigan do everything together! Corrigan's first swim (with Ellie) Corrigan's first swim (with Ellie)


The Kilroy Family, Conifer, Colorado - Haggis and Splash


The Lewis Family, New Carlisle, Indiana - Orion and niece Hailey

Orion uses Hailey as his pillow (12-24-14)
Orion and Hailey

Hailey and Orion with Solo the Sheltie


The Luckett Family, Aurora, Colorado - Eibhleann and Quinn

Quinn and Eibhleann sunning Quinn (1 yr 10 mos, Eibhleann (4 yrs 10 mos)


The Milleson Family, North Platte, NE - Merdyn and nephew Noble

Merdyn in chair, Noble chewing towel Merdyn and Noble Merdyn and Noble
Noble (4.5 months) with Merdyn visiting Colorado  


The Morgan-Schaffer Family, Castle Rock, Colorado - Chloe and little half-brother Nash

Chloe and Nash play on the stairs Chloe and Nash tug on a hedgehog Nash and Chloe in a quiet moment

Chloe (25 months) and Nash (9 weeks)

Chloe and Nash play in the snow

Nash at 14 weeks, with Chloe Nash and Chloe share the couch


The Nickel Family, Castle Rock, Colorado - Cody and full sister Sadie

Sadie and Cody with Matt Cody and Sadie (7.5 mos.) October, 2015 Cody and Sadie running


The O'Neill Family, Manitou Springs, Colorado - Cubie and Buzz

The Pate Family, Simla, California - Remington and Wrigley

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