Candid Puppy Pictures

Here are more of our favorite photos. Click on each image to see a larger version, then click on your Back arrow to return to this page. (SHH! The puppies may be sleeping!)

Two girls right after whelping Green naps on the scale at 13 days Black naps on the scale at 13 days Puppy Pile at 10 days
Eating standing up Sharing a toy Blue snoozing at 3 weeks Orange snoozy at 3 weeks
Green boy sleeps on his first toy! First meal of solid food I can see myself! Togetherness!
Blue boy in his mother's arms Orange kisses Orange girl with her mom at 5 weeks Is this arm wrestling?
Red girl sitting pretty
Check out that sprinkler!
Running from the sprinkler
Blue boy is all wet
Green Boy gets dried off
Green and Black with the Frisbee
Blue sitting
Red Girl looks very coy!
Orange drinking from the cement! Giving daddy a little love All tuckered out! Red with her chickie toy at 5 weeks
Is Daddy in there somewhere? Three snoozing Five-week-old pups say Good Morning! A barrel o' border collies at 5 weeks
A close-up of Orange girl Reg girl and Green boy share a stick Uncle Colby supervises Frisbee play Orange Girl with a Frisbee
Blue boy with a Frisbee A challenge? 8 week pups want to be with people!


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