Blazen's last photo, days before she died

Blazen's last photo, days before she died

Blazen was called a Malamute/Wolf mix, but we always knew her sire had to be a golden retriever. She came to us so young she was not yet weaned, and lived 13 wonderful years. She loved everyone, but her special favorites were children: we could tell by the wagging of her tail if the person she saw approaching was an adult or a child, as she always wagged the hardest for the kids.

Blazen also loved puppies, and although she never had a litter of her own, she helped us raise wonderful dogs.

Puppy Kyler snoozes on Blazen's soft tail

Blazen and Kyler share a kiss

Sweet girl, my "itsy-bitsy puppy child," you taught me so much about unconditional love. I wish I could, once again, kiss you on the "kissing spot" on your forehead.