Candids of the Tegan-Eon Litter

Here are more of our favorite photos. (Newest photos at the top.)

Last morning all together

Last morning all together


Pink sleeps in the water bowl again
Orange and his new mom
Cookies from Green Girl's new mom
Dan under attack!
Green lies in the tunnel
Pink with her little ball
Red in the tunnel
Orange and his stick
4 with carrots Red pounces on Orange Red with Juli
Orange all tied up
Stirring up puppies and trouble
Green in the sprinkler
Red and Juli kiss
Red Girl with Aoife Red Girl the Contortionist
Orange with Mary, Red with Viv
Green with Vib
Red with Mary
Orange with Jameson and Suzie Red up close Orange with Mary
Green with her little ball
4 on a stick
Red and Orange play tug
Orange in the tunnel
Pink sits A pile of puppies with rope
Green in the tunnel
Orange with momma Suzie
Red Girl asks for a tummy rub
4 on a rope
Green Girl
Orange with Erik and Jameson
d at poolside
Pink at poolside
Orange and Green wrestle
Pink with David
Pink and Suzanne kiss
Green at ppolside
Clodagh with puppy
Green in the greenery pups with "Aunt" Clodagh
Green with her ball
Orange with Josie and Spence
pups with Josie
Red with Connor
pups with Leslie
Red with Packy
Orange with Debbir
Pink Girl with Alex
Conor and Alex with pups
Pink Girl with a carrot
Green Girl munches her first carrot ed Girl with a carrot
Wrestling Pink Girl with her stick 4 in a row on the grass
Orange chews on the lamb's taoil
Orange with his rope toy
Red and Green share a stick
Green Girl sleeps in Juli's arms
Red tries to escape from the whelping box
in Neva's shoe
Red Girl with Juli
Red's happy face
Red Girl with the keys
All 4 pups with Juli
Green Girl plays with the keys Green Girl with Teresa
Red on her side Orange in Teresa's arms Green Girl looks coy
Pink Girl chews on Dan's finger
Red Girl Green Girl sleeping on the lamb toy
Red's tongue
Green licking
Green chews a rope
Green with Suzie and Erika
Green Girl eith Erik Pink with Suzie
Pink sleeps next to Dan's shoes
Green Girl with Erika
Red Girl with Erik and Jameson
Pink Girl Green Girl Pink and Green wrestling
Pink and Green
Orange with David
Orange Boy
Green Girl sleeps with ther ball
Pink with the squireel
Red sleeping under the whelping box door
Pink sleeps on the water bowl
Green Girl with Juli
Orange sleeps in the corner
Orange Boy with Juli
Red tugs on the tunnel
Pink with the pink ball
Pink Girl with Julie
Pink and Orange sleeping on top of water bowl Pink with the new tunnel
Red sleepy
Green sleepy Green Girl with Diana
Pink on Neva's leg
Green Girl with Erik
Pink Girl with Suzie
Chewing on the tunnel
Pink sleeps in the tunnel ed sticks out her tongue
Green chews on Neva's pants Pink is 1st to  investigate the tunnel All at the tunnel
Pink sleeps on an alphabet block
Messy Green with Toni
Orange sleeps by the water bowl
Green with Dan
Red Girl with Diana
Red Girl with her toys
Orange on the grass
Red drinks outaide Green sleeps on her blue "baby"
Eating al fresco, 1st course Eating al fresco, 2nd course Red and Green eating
Green tugs on the toy
Red in Neva's lap
Red and Green with the bunny
Orange with the ball
Green yawning Sleeping along the walls
Pink with Juli
Orange batting at green Orange with Theresa
Green sleeping on the lamb
Red on the squirrel toy
Orange surrounded by toys
Orange Boy with Suzanne
Pink Girl with Davud
toy for a pillow
Piling up
Three in the food bowl
Red Girl with Patrick
Snoozing Green and Orange playing
Pups with first tpys Pink with a toy Green Girl with Leslie
Red sleeping in the bars of the crate
First car ride
Orange Boy with Irene
Love yogurt!
Red Girl "cleaning" mom's food bowl Eating is exhausting!
four wrestling
four wrestling
Three wrestling

Puppies learning to play with each other

Orange after first gruel
Pups sated after first gruel Orange sleeping under rail
Pink after first meal of gruel
Green after first gruel
Red after first gruel
Sleeping at 9 days
Green on the scale, 11 days old
Red yawns 2 weeks old
Orange in mom's legs, 9 days old
Pink, Green & Red at 9 days Tegan puts her feet up
Tegan in labor
three days old
Pink 6 days old


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