Candids of the Fallon-Conor Litter

Here are more of our favorite photos. (Scroll down for earliest images.)

Last morning all together

The girls on their last morning together
Red with new "brother" Solo
Red with dad Steve
Red with 2 moms
ed on her last morning with us ed chews Neva's toes Red with "brother" and uncle, Orion
Red splashing Kona watches sister Red swim Red after her first bath
Red playing with carrot
Red playing with carrot
Red with Aoife
Red's selfie of a big yawn
Red and cone Red playing with carrot
Red's selfie in the car
Red's selfie with Neva in the car
Red in the car on her last day with Clannad
Pink with stick Pink with stick
Fallon and Red and Pink
Fallon with Red and Pink
Fallon with Pink and Red
Red with Amy
Pink runs through tunnel Red Girl relaxing
Yellow with dad Erik
Yellow with Jennifer
Fallon with her bad girls
Red meets mom Jennie
Red meets dad Steve
3 happy girls, 2 days left together
Yellow with Erika
Pink with Erik Yellow with Susie
3 generations - Fallon, Tegan (grandma) and pups Pink with sire Conor Red all tuckered out
A rare quiet moment Red with stick Pink and her "cigar"
Yellow sleeping on pillow
Red with Harry
Yellow with Roxanne
Ice cream!!
Pink races through the tunnel Red gets a tummy rib
Red Girl
On a car ride Sharing a cone in the car
Frisbee play The chase is on! Pink with Sophie
Pink with Ross
Pink with Jacquie
Red Girl
Red and tunnel Red and the tunnel Yellow with Cody
Pink with a stick
Pink and Red Yellow with stick
Pink with Kathy Red with Juliet Yellow poolside
Red in the car
Yellow with the tiger Red in thw whelping box doorway
Pups in car
Pink in the car Pups in car
Red with camera
Pink tugging on camera strap
Yellow with blue ball
3 on a rope
Red posing with the rope
Yellow plays with rope
Pink Girl with Susie
Red Girl plays with Jameson Pink with Erik
Red enjoys a carrot Sleeping in the sun Red Girl with Erika
Pink Girl with Courtney
Yellow and Red hide out under BBQ Yellow Girl with Kim
Yellow Girl with Connor
Pink kissing Connor Pink with Courtney
Yellow and Pink with Connor
Pink adores Connor
Pink's big yawn
Pink with Mallory
Pink with Lindsay and Mallory
Yellow with Lindsay and Mallory
Sleeping in the sun
Red under the BBQ with her carrot
Pink Girl and first carrot
Red Girl in the couch
Yellow Girl with Joe
Red Girl withTara
Yellow on the couch
Red Girl with Juli
Yellow sleeps on Juli
Yellow Girl with Madison
Ashley with Yellow, Madison with Pink Pink Girl
Alyssa, Ashley, Madison and pups
Pink with Ashley
Red Girl with Alyssa
Pink with saunglasses
Red with leaf
Yellow with Jacquie
Pink Girl
Yellow and Pink Yellow and Red
Yellow sleeping on the rail
Pink sleeping on rail and on Red!
Pink and Red Exploring
Yellow Giirl Red Girl up clpse Red Girl
Pink Girl poses
Yellow Girl
Pink Girl
Yellow Girl Red Girl posing
3i in the lap of safety
Yellow Girl
Red and Pink
Yellow with Ava
Pink Girl with Cade
Red Girl with Shana
Yellow with Sally
Red Girl with Wolf toy Yellow sleeps on tiger toy
Family relaxing
Red Girl's cute face
# beauties - 26 days old
Yellow sleeps on Mom
Yellow Girl with Erik
Fallon uses Pink as her pillow!
Red Girl with Meghan
First gruel Yellow Girl with Angie
Climbing on Mom
Puppies kissing
Pink Girl with Meghan
Fallon with Diana and Red Girl
Pink with Diana
Pink sleeping on bunny
Yellow with Terri
Red sleeping on mom's leg
Little snoozers
Puppy pile 1 week
Pups sleep in Neva's arms 1 week
Fallon with Rwd and Pink
Red with Mom, 5 days
Red on the rail at 1 week
Red on Pink
Pink snoozing 1 day old Yellow snoozing at 1 day Nursing at 2 days
Fallon ready for delivery First 2 pups nursing
Just after the third birth


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