Candids of the Fallon-Conor Litter 2

Here are more of our favorite photos.

Last morning together

Boys on a car ride Orange smooches Mae Blue kisses mom Rachel
Purple with mom Fallon Orange and Blue Purple sleeps on the Panda toy
Purple burrowing Pretty Purple Three snow puppies
Orange Boy Purple Boy Orange and Purple
Purple loves being in the snow Blue Boy Blue Boy and Orange Boy
Purple with Violet Blue on Violet Blue in the snow
Purple with Layla Blue with Danielle Pups with Rocco, Max, Violet and Danielle
Pups with Rachel and Dave Purple and Orange with Dave Nursing at 5.5 weeks
Blue tastes the snow Frst nap in the big whelping box Blue and Orange looking out the doorway
Orange follows big Uncle Toby Blue in the snow Blue sitting in snow
Blue sleeps on his back Orange on the forbidden pillow Orange and Blue
Blue Boy and Red Boy chew on shoes Purple goes exploring Purple likes shoelaces
Blue has a big leaf Blue showes Purple the big leaf Purple steals the bug leaf
Three pups with Mary S Purple in Roxanne's arms Purple with Roxanne
Blue in the snow for the first time Cousin Red Boy with Blue Boy Purple sleeping in Dr. Annette's arms
Blue and Purple wrestle Orange and Purple with Connor Purple with pals (including cousin Red Boy)
Blue chews on the tunnel Orange in the corner Blue wrestles Orange
Purple sleeps on Orange Orange and the Panda tunnel play
Blue sleeps on Purple Purple in Dan's coat Purple on the Panda
Purple and Orange enjoy their gruel With Amanda the Panda Blue and Orange on Amanda the Panda
Purple under mom's leg Orange at 10 days 10 days old
Boys all together 5 days old 6 days old


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