Candids of the Clodagh-Geordie Litter #2

Here are more of our favorite photos.

Last morning all together

Last Morning All Together

Purple playing
Green and Yellow snoozing In the barrel 8 weeks old
Pink sleepy girl Orange with her stick Red with her ball
Green with Neva Pink hiding to sleep Red asleep
Geordie with Blue and Yellow Pups on the porch Yellow with Neva
Yellow asleep
Pink with mom Julie
Purple with a toy
Red hugs mom Kasie
Orange with Gus
Orange with Ingrid
Orange with Connor
Orange with Debbie
Three tired pups
purple in the tunnel
Purple and Orange with Connor
Yellow with Debbie
Orange rides on the cart! Pups "helping" Dan Purple with Connor
Geordie with the pups
Red with her papa Geordie Yellow with Dan and Geordie
Yellow with Savannah
Papa Geordie up close
Red paddles in the water bowl
Purple with her first stick Blue in the exercise pen Purple with Savannah
Nursing at 7 weeks
OrangeS enjoys a carrot
In the barrel, 7 weeks
Yellow and Green attack!
Blue with Dan M
Red with Liz, Green with Dan M
Pink rests on the water bowl Blue with the tunnel Pink's alphabet block
red with Julie
Yellow with John
Purple with Tim
Orange on the ball
tunnel play
Red and blue tunnel hug
Pink with Dan
Green and Pink wrestle Red chews on the water bowl
Blue with Liz and Dan
Red smooches Dan
Yellow with Pat
Boys and their toys Blue chews on the tunnel Pink investigates the tunnel
Playing in the food bowl Purple snoozes on the ball Yellow tries to escape!
Orange with Cindy
Yellow with Cindy
Yellow with John
Green with the plush bone
Blue with Susan
Purple with Cindy
Purple with Wrica and Riley
Blue with Riley
Purple smooches Dan
Blue with Jen and Mac
In the barrel at 4 weeks Purple sound asleep in food bowl
Yellow Girl with Amy
Orange Girl with Kevin
Blue helps his mom with lunch
Two in the corner All tuckered out! Pink with Diana
Green and lamb toy Green and Orange Red with Mike B
Green with Suzanne
Yellow with Gus
Orange Girl with Ingrid
Green sleeps with the toys
Green with Liz and Dan
Orange Girl with her first sheep!
Orange and Green with Liz and Dan Blue and Green with the lamb toy Red Girl with her rope
Purple in mom's lap
Red sleeping Yellow Girl sleeps on the rail
Blue Boy with Shana
Blue Boy with Cade
Pink helps her momma eat
Blue with Ava
Blue with friends
Green sleeps on Yellow's tummy Standing to nurse Playing at 22 days
Smooching under the rail
Yellow under the rail
Yellow snoozes on the rail
All tangled up
Big Sister Aoife kisses Yellow
Nursing day 22
Molly and Rocky with their little sibs
19 days old
In the corner
Pink undeer the rail
Yellow on top!
Sleeping under the rail
Two pups with Connor
Blue Boy cuddles with Debbie
Gruel everywhere!
Messy face!
Purple Girl with Kim
Red Girl with Mike
Playing in the bowl
Checking out the bowl
In mommy's bowl
Where's the milk bar? Nursing at 13 days Red in her mam's food bowl
Blue Boy yawns at 2 weeks
Red Girl yawns at 2 weeks
Orange Girl yawns at 2 weeks
Red Girl yawns at 1 week
family on day 7 Purple Girl yawn at 2 weeks
Sitting to nurse (Day 2)
Yellow and Orange cuddle Day 2
Snoozing, day two Pink's face Pink upside down
Clodagh in labor
Piling on momma, day 2
Green in momma's fur


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