Candids of the Clodagh-Conor Litter 2

Here are more of our favorite photos. The earliest photos are at the bottom of the page.

Pups on their last morning together

Pups on their last morming all together


Red with Harry

Pink on her own Pink in the whelping box doorway
Green with Roxanne Black and Yellow smooching Pink with Dan M


Really tired after playing outside Yellow kisses Jane
Red with ice cube Green sitting in the snow Pink's first carrot
Pink tugging the tunnel Blue and Pink in the tunnel Orange in Matt's arms
Clodagh herding yellow in the snow Black in the snow with big sis Aoife and mom Clodagh Reita kissing Orange
Nursing in the snow--ice milk? Clodagh and pups in the smow Pups in the snow with Jennifer
Snowy blue with Jennifer Red and Yellow with Clodagh Green in the snow
Blue in food dish - 6 weeks old Pink in the snow Blue with a toy in the snow
Yellow's big yawn Black with Terry C. Black chewing a twig
Red plays with a devil Yellow with Viv
Red in the pool Yellow in the pool with big sis Aoife Orange in the pool
Pink in the pool Blue in the pool Green in the pool
Yellow in the grass Yellow tosses the ball Diana surrounded
Orange with Carol C. Blsck and Blue with a new toy Orange bites Red's tail
Green with Jen G. Red posing by a tree Pink with Jean C.
Orange with Ellie B's shoes In the barrel at 6 weeks Blue with Joel B.
Orange with Meghan Pink with Ellie B. Green with Ellie B.
Black with Lisa Orange in Neva's arms Red with Katherine
Pink with Mack Orange with Mariah
In the barrel at 5 weeks Pink with Cindy O. Yellow with John O.

Yellow with Matt D

Yellow plays with a rope

Red with Reita
Red and the frisbee Pink on Neva's feet Red with Matt N

Pink with Matt N

Blue with a big ball! Pink likes Matt's ear
Steve stirring up puppies

Green with a rope toy

Orange in Matt's lap

Blue with Matt D

Blue and Pink with Matt N

Pink and Matt wrestle

Blue with Reita

Black and Green play tug

Blue chases big brother Cody

Neva's lap full of puppies
Orange Boy in Juli's lap
Yellow Boy
Yellow with Denton
Blue with Lisa Three napping with toys
Pink with the Bunny
Green on Pat's lap
Green Boy
Blue and Pink
Black with Dan
Blue and Yellow
Black with Jane
3 weeks old Black in Neva's lap
Yellow with Meghan
Yellow sucks Meghan's finger
First time outside
Black in Neva's lap
Green and Black with Connor
Pink under Connor's leg
Gruel for 3 Red in Connor's lap Blue with Dan
Orange with Suzie
Orange with Erik
Black sucking Neva's finger
Black in Ken's lap
All eating (19 days) Orange with Jameson
7 little leprechans
3 with Jennifer J
Red in JJ's lap
Pups 1 day old Puppy pile, 1 week


Expectant parents
Clodagh ready
Pups one day old


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