Red Boy

Black and White male, Fourth born

Birth weight: 12 oz.

Red Boy, now "Quinn" will be a family member in Aurora, Colorado. He will be "brother" to another Clannad pup, Eibhleann!

At birth Red Boy at birth
One week
Red boy at 1 week
Two weeks
Red at 2 weeks
Three weeks
Red at 3 weeks
Christmas 26 days
Red  on Christmas Day
Four weeks Red at 4 weeks
Four weeks
Red at 4 weeks
Five weeks ed at 5 weeks
Five weeks
Red at 5 weeks
Six weeks Red Boy at 6 weeks
Six weeks
Red at 6 weeks
Seven weeks ed at 7 weeks
Seven weeks
Red at 7 weeks
First bath
Red after first bath
With his family
Red and family

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