Candids of the Clodagh-Conor Litter

Here are more of our favorite photos.

On their last morning together

On their last morning all together
Blue in the doorway
Orange with Panda she stuffed in the tunnel!
Just 3 girls left
Red and big sus Eibhleann Blue asleep with toy in his mouth Blue and Orange in the doorway
Purple with the Oddball
Green Boy
Blue Boy with Mom Clodagh
Red Boy
Snow wrestling Red leaps for joy!
Orange loves the snow!
Following Mom
Snow play
Orange's snowy face Black in the snow
In the barrel, 55 days
Pups enjoy a snack in the snow
Pink and Clodagh
3 tug on a towel
Clodagh supervises towel play
Red enjoys a stick
Purple smooches Libby
Purple on the atump
Black and Red
Red on the stump
Clodagh and Pups
Black and purple stalking each other
Orange and her ball Orange and her ball Orange and Purple
Green with Julie
Jasmine, Julie and Pink
Blue with big sister Jasmine
Orange with the Oddball
Orange with Roxanne
Orange with Harry
Blue up close A very tolerant mom Green, 7 weeks
Black Boy
Pink bouncing
Black on the run
B;ue and Orange Orange and Blue tugging
Purple on the ice
Red runs with a toy
Steve holds Red Boy up high
Pink with Matt
Purple with the rope
In the barrel, 7 weeks
Green and Purple
Carson, Pink, Orange, Libby
Pink with Carson
Pink and Orange with Libby
Black in Neva's lap Purple, Green and Pink
Orange Clodagh with Black Boy Orange and Purple
Ellie and Purple
Ellie with Red Boy
Clodagh chases Red and Black
Pups with Ellie
Ellie herds Black Boy
Pink on the rocks
In the barrel at 6 weeks
Pink with Dan
Orange with her Mom
Purple and Green by the tunnel
Orange Girl
Orange tries to climb out!
Purple Girl in the doorway Pink cuddles with Juli Red chews on tunnel
Pink and Juli rub noses
Tunnel fun! Pink chewing on tunnel
Green up close
Pink Purple and Orange with a new toy
Green with Jane
Black with Steve, Clo, Green with Reita
Green and Clodagh with Reita
Purple on the couch
Black and Purple at the door
Green Boy with Mary
Clodagh gets attention too!
Meghan cradles Purple
Black with Tiger Blue with Matt
Black with Panda
Orange with Pat
Orange hanging with Meghan
Red on Neva Red on the run
Playing on the towels
Green hangs out with Glenda
Purple and Blue cuddle by Neva
Black play bow in the snow lack with snow on his nose Purple running
Green trotting
up Glenda
Orange with Glenda
Trying to keep up with Mom
ed on the planter
Purple with Mom
Blue Boy with Reita
Pink nibbles on Matthew Purple with Steve
Blue with Erik
Red Boy with Erika Purple sleeps in the food bowl
Black Boy with Suzie
Orange with Jamison
Purple with Erik
Pink with Cade
Black with Shana
Pink Girl with Erika
Blue bites his first squirrel!
Love that Panda toy! Purple with Ava
Blue with Jason
Green Boy with Ethan
Green with Amber
Orange with Shawna
Orange sleeps in the tunnel
Black with Avery
Pups all going to Jane
Pink with "grandma" Jane
Orange Girl with Bruce
Orange with Blake
Red with Mike
Purple and Orange wrestle
Red strutting
Blue asleep Group on the grass
Black asleep in the corner
Purple with teddy bear
3 wrestling
Pink asleep in the corner
Red and the ball
Can you find 4 puos in the toys?
Red with Meghan
Orange asleep on Meghan's lap
Purple with Terry
Around the tunnel
Black in the tunnel
Black sleeps in the tunnel
Sharing a drink
Blue Boy
Around the tunnel
Black with Ron
Red and Pink Red Boy with Barb
Orange sleeps om the rail over Black Orange in the middle Purple sound asleep on the rail
Pink yawns 4 weeks
Red Boy In the barrel, 4 weeks
Red and Black
Black Boy
Pile asleep on the grass
Big Sis Aoife surrounded by pups
Aoife playbows to pups
Pink Girl
Blue in Neva's lap
Purple Girl
Blue Boy
Black and Pink
Black Boy Purple on my lap
Red with Meghan, Purple with Pat
First time on grass!
Dan with Pink
Green with big brother Wuki
Pink, Meghan, Orange, Pat
Green with Dan and Mom
Black sleeping Two Blue dogs Green with Dan M
Purple with Lisa
Orange with bunny toy Black with Orange
Orange chews Harry's fingers
Pink with Ashley
Pink with blue dog toy
Orange with Lisa
Purple sound asleep Green with Jack
Erik with Pink Girl
Red Boy with Erika
Black and Suzie share a smooch
Orange bites Black Then Orange kisses Black two sleeping
Red with the little bunny
Purple klooks drowsy
Blue with Erika
Red smooches Diana
Black with Dana
Purple sleepy
Connor with Pups
Blue Boy with Alex
Orange sleepw on Neva
Green in Neva's arms
Pink climbs onto Connor's head
Sleeping at 24 days
Black in Neva's arms
Black shares a yawn with Jacquie Black's big yawn
Pink with Pat
Pink with Pat
Pink chew on Blue
Blake Ann with Orange, Purple with Mike Blake Ann and Mike with the 3 pups Orange Girl with Meghan
Green and Purple snoozing Red meets Mom Meghan cradles a pup
Purple with Evan
Orange kisses Shawna Blue Boy with Bruce
Steve with a pup
Reita with sleepy pup
Pink Girl with Lane
Red Boy with Ron
Green with Barbara
Green Boy with Matt
Orange Girl with Harry
Helping Clodagh eat Orange and Purple in the toys
Orange Girl with Lisa
Roxanne with 2 pups
Purple sleeping on toys
Orange Girl with Carson
Purple Girl with Libby Pink after eating gruel
Pink in Courtney's lap
Blue sleeps in Austin's lap
Green with Libby
Orange sleeping on Black Blue and Green sleep in Claire's lap Green with Claire
Green, Blue and Red
Red in Mike's lap
Red Boy with Mike
Pink asleep
ed Boy with Kim
Purple and Orange
Green with Claire, Blue with Austin
Purple on Orange Purple asleep
Feeding time! All in the warming box Purple with Courtney
Blue and Green
Purple sleeps in the food blown
All sleeping at 18 daya
2 in the corner
Dan with Purple pups with "Aunt" Fallon
Blue and Orange snoozing
Black snoozing
In the warming box at 1 week
ed yawns at 1 week
Black yawns at 1 week
Green gets a smooch from big sis Aoife
first day Nursing
Clodagh in labor
Conor watches the whelping
First day puppy pile


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