Candids of the Clodagh-Finnegan Litter

Here are more of our favorite photos. (SHH! The puppies may be sleeping!)

Litter Day 3 Pile at 6 days Black at 6 days
Family at 6 days
Sitting to nurse
Red at 6 days
Purple sleeping on his back Orange is very content! Puppies sleep in some strange positions
Big Yawn from Orange 2 wks
Purple Yawns 2 weeks
Happy Mom at 2 weeks
Karen with a pup
Gerrit with Red Boy
Purple yawns at 3 weeks
Blue on Karen's lap Pink with Lori Orange on Catherine's lap
Orange with Kim at 3 weeks
Orange yawns at 3 weeks
Green snoozes in strange positions
Terri holds Pink
Debbie with pups
Debbie and the group
Green on Connor
Connor holds Black
Pups all over Connor Purple chewing on Pink
Orange Dan and Fallon watch the puppies Purple close-up
Black Red snoozing Orange
Pink is curious
Blue goes for a climb
Black snoozing
Blue rolls over All eating Purple loves jeans!
Green and pink cuddle Black's pretty face Family in the
Red in mommy's lap Karen stacks Purple Orange pulls his mommy's tail
Karen with Purple
Orange on the move
Pink with Debbie
Red with Connor Red with Connor brotherly love
Orange's legs through the pen Pups in the Round Orange sleeping
Barrel o' 6-week-old pups Blue on Dan's lap Fence faces!
Karen and Red (Torin)
Karen and Red (Torin) smooch
Red loves cheese!
Doesn't Blue look elegant?
Orange and Black
Blue in Samantha's lap
Purple sleeping in food bowl Purple hides behind Justin Purple and Green wrestle
Pink and her tongue
Red and his tongue
Purple and Chandice
Fallon with Black
Black plays with a sheet
Black's big stick
Orange loves frisbee Orange standing Orange wethead
Green hides underneath Dan
Wet Green Boy Red's gorgeous face


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